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When it comes to the Internet, 20 years is actually a while... When I first published this website, AOL was still king. Return to the innocent days of the 1990s with me.... 

Social media didn't exist as we know it yet and nobody stared down at their electronic devices! The only "gazing down" was typically at shoes -- or wristwatches.

Take a look at pages and snapshots from a distant era, encapsulating important moments and accomplishments.

Paradise journal

Some of us in my hometown were lucky enough to escape to the most beautiful beach any of us had (and probably have) ever seen... Come and meet Paradise.

Music wayback

Set loose by rock and roll in the 1970s, it's been a long-running musical adventure -- with lots of friends and gigs over the years. Here is an old-skool look at some of the highlights.

Godz of Rock

Joining two good friends in San Francisco we formed a tribute to the rock we grew up with, playing lots of clubs and house parties. Here is a look at the band.

Archived Site

A complete snapshot of this site, including web pages from the 90s.

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