As I was growing up, there was a place my friends and I escaped to; we called it Paradise. It was a wondrous, hidden land tucked along the coast of Santa Barbara County, far from civilization. We journeyed there to escape our hometown and to seek our dreams...

After a heavy storm in the 1980s, a driftwood cabin was built at the beach by a man named Kenny. In this cabin, a journal was placed to record the thoughts and impressions of the hearty souls who ventured there. And through the years, the growing pages of the journal were hiked out by a man named NRH -- protecting them from "Molly the Rat" and the other hazards of a rugged coastal land.

The following entries come to you from this mystical land and these special people. The words still carry echoes of the waves crashing along Paradise Beach. May these words bring you the peace and solitude of a sacred land and the wisdom of the ages...


"Notes from Paradise" -- The Journeys of NRH
The Paradise
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Photo of Elder Bill writing at the cabin
The Tradition
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