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Music is my first love and it still drives me and inspires me every day. I began focusing on my craft at age twelve, learning guitar riffs from my friend's talented older brother Jon and plowing ahead with Metallica's epic Ride the Lightning (on VINYL). 

Writing and music merged when I began taking lyrics seriously and crafting many songs, as part of the hardcore/thrash scene in California. We formed three or four bands starting in 8th grade and gigging a lot. Kids gotta play.

Since then, I’ve always believed in expanding creatively. My longtime friends know that I have many passions -- but music is always #1.

Jazz band

It all started with Al Cavali, musical mentor and bandleader. In 5th grade, I started playing alto saxophone and formed a band with Al, which he dubbed Billy’s Jazz Trio...

Pocketful of...

Set loose in high school with my electric guitar, I formed a band called Pocketful of... with prodigy Jerry Barr on drums. We even played the hometown Cinco de Mayo...

Godz of Rock

Joining with two good friends in San Francisco, we formed a tribute to the rock we grew up with, playing clubs, parties and even writing and recording for a film soundtrack...

New projects

The music keeps churning with Hammer of the Gods, AM Titanium, and unplugged performances... Many great moments with many great musicians. Come see us...


It's not the sexiest instrument, but having a baseline of music theory on the keyboards is essential.


A Gibson Les Paul in my hands felt like heaven. Now I play a Fender Strat and vintage Ibanez acoustic.


Bonding with the drums/rhythm section is one of my favorite parts of playing music. Long live Bass!


My drummers have been nice enough to let me play their sets. Drums are a special treat...

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