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“I'm dedicated to preserving and celebrating the last great places.”
(Washington, DC too ;)
Growing up in the 1980s, we quickly found citizen action and teamwork were the only viable ways to change the world. Fortunately, we also had a lot of fun in the process. Today, global issues are more complicated and massive, yet real action is still what gets the job done...
  • PUBLIC LANDS - Our country has some of the most incredible national parks, trails and wilderness areas in the world, especially in the West. I work to celebrate and raise awareness on behalf of these great places. Let's protect them.   Learn more
  • PRESERVE OUR HISTORY - American culture may be an oxymoron to some, but many aspects of the coastal California I grew up in are still special to me. I take action to help preserve special historical and cultural elements of my home state and beyond.
  • OVER-POPULATION - One of the controversial and daunting challenges of our time, this is also the most impactful environmental issue. It doesn't get talked about much, and I haven't done near enough, but my ongoing objective is to raise awareness about humanity's "runaway train" effect and our non-sustainable ecological footprint... 

EPA Presidential Youth Award

When I was sixteen, I won the EPA's Presidential Environmental Youth Award for my ongoing activism. It was an honor (and surreal) to receive an award signed by our then-President Ronald Reagan. At a ceremony in Washington, DC, I gave a speech that made the EPA administrator (at right) squirm. Coming home with the award gave me renewed resolve and added credibility in our struggle for environmental justice in California.

Casmalia dump vigil

Our Central Coast was beautiful, we knew that, but we also knew as kids growing up there that we faced some big environmental threats: Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, toxic pesticides from the farmlands surrounding us, and the Casmalia hazardous waste dump, which was being illegally run. Friends and I took action with the community and shut down the Casmalia dump in 1989.


Continuing on to the City, I was hired by Greenpeace USA to campaign against illegal toxic waste disposal throughout the western United States. We worked closely with tribes and low-income communities, and prevented (or shut down) many sham operations. I'm proud when I travel through these places today, which otherwise may have been plagued with toxic waste dumps or incinerators.


The pen may be mightier than the sword, yes... We don't use pens much, but I still believe the written (and spoken) word carries immense power. When we combine intelligence and passion with action, anything is possible. 

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