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  • TRAVEL WITH PURPOSE - I have lived in tourist-heavy places for most of my life and somewhere along the line, I became an expert on identifying the nuances that separate travel from typical tourism. "Be a traveler -- not a tourist!" MORE
  • REVERENCE - Adrenaline is good, but... Truly taking into account the place where you are requires a bit of "listening" and can actually power up much deeper experiences. Adventure goes hand in hand with Nature, although reverence for a place (wherever you may be) is one of the goals I keep coming back to.
  • "ECO-TOURISM" - Adventure doesn't have to be an extravagant vacation or exotic locale. In fact, some of those places are overrated (and can involve eco-unfriendly choices). Make your adventures happen in simple ways, including discovering new places wherever you happen to be

Exploring the National Trails System

It's not all about hiking! When we talk about trails, there are so many different ways to explore... including by water.

Sailing the Pacific & SF Bay

The world of the water has been a constant for me and I have lived near the beach most of my life. Sailing was an obsession back in the 90s. This photo was taken offshore, during a summertime boat delivery from Monterey to San Francisco.


Researching the National Trails System for my guidebook, adventurous friends and family joined me on epic trips, including here at the top of the Appalachian Trail in Maine. LEARN MORE


The West is the best for full-on adventures. But you can find adventure everywhere... I profile all 30 of the national trails (in all 50 states) in my guidebook

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