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William Robert Buck is a writer and photographer from California's Central Coast who traveled 20,000 miles across the USA visiting America’s National Trails System. He hiked multiple segments of all 30 national trails in all 50 states, publishing the National Trails Guide. Buck has also been published by The Guardian, the New York Times Syndicate and newspapers throughout the West.  


The West is still the best for full-on adventures. But there is something for everyone across this great nation of ours... Exploring across all 50 states was one of the great honors and it's made me an even more dedicated conservationist.


I’m proud that journalism is at the roots of my activism. As editor-in-chief of my school newspaper, I was first driven to really get out there and dig for justice and find truth. It was the genesis of what I have focused on as a writer and activist ever since. Here I receive the President's Environmental Youth Award.

Protecting places we love

At the core of my conservation motivation is Paradise Beach... The fact that it remains protected today (and under-visited) is a source of great strength and inspiration to me, as I believe connecting deeply with a place enriches Life and provides endless wellsprings. The concept of “power spots” was developed long ago by indigenous people across the planet and it's real. Learn more about Paradise Beach...


Writing is mostly a solo venture and involves a lot of focused thinking and hard work in front of small screens. I would have gone mad long ago without my bandmates and the great music we have created and performed together. From Pocketful here in the 80s to current music projects, it's the great joy of my life.


It's a privilege to share what I've learned with people. I began presenting in front of large crowds at a young age and the work continues today at events and conferences. Check out my Public Speaking page for more on this...

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