Bill Buck Project Highlights, 1997-present:

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This site profiles the national trails of the USA... including the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail and many others. A guidebook to all 30 national trails is currently being written and will be available soon.

National Trails Guide, by Bill Buck.
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This website has some great videos that explore the intersection of cities and wildlife, focusing on the San Francisco Bay. Bill Buck developed this video project in 2008 to bring attention to the plight of wildlife in populated areas.

Bay Wild website 

TV/Film Portfolio
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In 2004, Buck was invited by friends to co-produce a comedy TV series in San Francisco's North Beach. The show, a local answer to Saturday Night Live, led to a career in the TV production world...

Here are highlights from those years -- films, documentaries, PSAs and more...

TV/Film portfolio 

Cool Links
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COOL LINKS was a term that was popular in 1997, when this website first appeared online. The page was created as a clearinghouse for some of the most notable websites. The Cool Links tradition today lives on...

BB cool links 

My journal account

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"At age 10, I began writing in earnest and found out that sometimes writing just pours out of you... My trip to Shanghai a few years ago proved this yet again. It's a travelogue with some tantalizing twists and turns, culminating in a surreal month in Japan. A good read!"
-Bill Buck

Asia Trip 

E Magazine cover story
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Very active in youth environmental work, Buck worked with some of the greatest minds in the movement. This feature story captures the inspiration and ideas of a still-youthful Generation X, which continued finding ways to make waves...

E magazine cover story 

Inaugural Webcast

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The hilarious account of an historic trip to Washington, DC to produce the official webcast of Bill Clinton's Inaugural Celebration... a notable moment in World Wide Web history: no one knew yet what a Webcast actually was... an entertaining look back at a successful DC trip.


Why This Site Was Initially Created
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This short essay explores the motivations for creating a personal website... the sentiment seems to hold up.


BILL BUCK action figure
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There is a Bill Buck action figure... Really

Bill Buck action figure 

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